Chemistry, Biology:

René M. Oetterli
   PhD / MRSC
   MSc/BSc in Chemistry

Maths, Biology:

Barbara A. Schnüriger
   MSc/BSc in Biology




              - for Gymnasium, Sek1
and Uni (Switzerland)

              - for british GCSE and IB
              - Region Zürich or by Skype
We are an experienced team in tutoring pupils and students
in the "hard" subjects.

Our speciality in deepening, exercising and
consolidating mathematical and scientific subject topics is the promotion of the pupil's/student's genuine learning motivation via putting the subject topic in context - something that is neglected far too often in public schools. Exam nerves are - often after only a few tutoring classes -  replaced by self-confident proficiency in scientific reasoning and appication of learned subject material.

We are well practised in locating and removing sources that were blocking learning progress so far. Such sources can settle early in a pupil's learning process and can manifest themselves all through a student's career.
In an individually adapted learning program, the corresponding knowledge gaps are persistently removed.

Tutorings in chemistry are offered on university undergraduate level as well. That service is of special interest for students in medicine, biology, physics and geography.

Pricing: *

BSc: Bachelor of Science
MSc: Master of Science
PhD: / Doctor of Science
MRSC: Member Royal Society of Chemistry

1 hour

10 hour sub
1 pupil /

CHF 60.-

CHF 50.-
2-3 pupils /

CHF 40.-

CHF 30.-
* per hour and pupil/student