Remark: There is some rather good popular science literature out there, and below is some of it. I did not try to put some order into it, so history of science is wildly mixed with philosophy, quantum mechanics, psychology, and well ... whatever ...
Schrodinger is
wonderful to read
Very good book about the develop-
ment of q.m. (very
detailed appendix)
Insightful history of modern physics
Very inspiring essays by many of my scientific heroes.
Shapin's classic about the "scien- tific revolution"
THE book about our origins.
Minsky's classic about the structure of mind.
Everybody should read at least one book by Dyson.
Dawkins classic writing smashing creationism. A bit dry but great.
Prigogine wrote a number of inspiring books.
Sokal's hilarious destruction of postmodernistic
A very interesting book, very well written.
I don't agree with Penrose AT ALL. But he writes wonderfully.
Nagel, Newman's
classic about Godel's proof.
One of the best booksabout the periodic table.
Another classic by Pagels.
Great book about the dawn of the computer age.
Insightful AND very readable book
about fundamental
The inventor of thw www talksabout his invention.
I couldn't disagree more! But it is THE book for AI-critics.
The crucial experi- ment and the Libet's sneaky pull-out.
Very readable memories of one of the open source gurus.
Probably the plainest book about
Riemann's Zeta-
About historical rivalries in chemistry - very well investigated. 
One of THE books about self-organi-sation / criticality.
A bit dry.
A bestseller about mathematics - yes, that exists!
The classic all-
encompassing story of the bomb.
A new approach to understand "time" by one of my scientific heroes.
One of the many essay collections by the great Gould.
Very readable book by the "discoverer" of inflation.
Inspiring book about the universe interpreted as a computer.
THE classic popular science book by Watson.
The most important essays by Gould.
Mindful book about the non-existence of free will.
A short novel everybody is supposed to know.
The BEST popular science book I ever read!
This is about the only biography I ever enjoyed reading.
Very entertaining and readable popular science.
One of the MUSTs in popular science literature.
The best book about relativity theory - this is not popular science.
Very joyful, and hilariously anarchic thoughts by Magueijo.
The slightly out- dated but still classic book by
Very well investi- gated book about the early medieval roots of science.
Unique book about the mind edited by Hofstadter and Dennett.
A bit long-winded but thorough analysis of the roots of science.
Another great essay collection by Gould.
Very readable attack of string theory by the gifted Smolin.
THE classic by Sacks about neuro- logical disorders - a MUST read.
Very entertaining and insightful book about mitochon- dria - I'm serious!
Analysis of media empires - radio, tv, movies, internet.
Very readable book about human behaviour. Makes you think
Smolin is a very entertaining author of popular physics.
Controversial classic - one of the must reads written by Wilson.
Feynman's classic about quantum electro dynamics - very readable.
Inspiring book by an inspiring guy.
THE popular science book about chaos.
My favourite popular science book about complexity.
Great great great book - at least Smolin's part.
One of the few books about "emergence" NOT being esotericism.
Baggott at his best .. from atomism to quantum field theory
Provokes and evokes deep thoughts for sure
Tiny book with very well elaborated metaphors about relativity