A Journal in the Acknowledgement
of Serendipity - Daisy S. Publishing
Not Trusted.  Not Cited.  Not Read.
Certificate of my admittance to the Royal Society of Chemistry. It took me barely any- thing to get that, but with the holo- .
Brought some small paintings of mine to London and leaned them against the wall of the Tate Modern, so now I can say "My paintings were at the Tate Modern"
gram and the parchment it looks SO much more fancy than my PhD certificate, which I worked for a tiny bit harder and slightly longer. 
Who said, that por- phyrins are a pain to separate by column chromatography?
This sublime moment, when you hold the first batch of a new com- pound in your own hands.
My first newly synthesised molecule. It crystallised
just so. It was a hard lesson to learn that the mole- cules to come would not crystallise as easily.
patron saint of chemists
A cup of coffee
A notebook
A pen
MSc Celebration Dinner:It's good to have you here, John
Some of the Amazing Andersons before a formal hall in Exeter in front of
the Radcliffe Camera
and All Souls.
Drosophila Vitruvia - Figura pro- portionis honoris causa
It IS quite
cool to know
that one of my
paintings is
hanging in the
office of a
nobel laureate.
I've seen it in London, and yes: now I can die peacefully.  in usa
Mining lanthan-ides at Ytterby gruva in Sweden. With hammer and chisel, and about fifty four fucking thousand  mosquitos buz-zing all around me.
To particle or not to particle, that seems not the question Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to accept the slings and arrows of out-rageous anti-realism or to take arms and sail a sea of remaining loop holes. And by finding crown them. To save hidden variables - to save causality and meaning. No less. And by expe-riment to say we end the mind-ache and the thousand shocks.
Cherwell, I miss you.
  Half-inch men  are  star-                       ting to appear all over europe. newest ones at the                                      Berlin Walleastside gallery ...
Half-inch man and spraying rat are meeting at Tooley street, SE1, London (right at the beginning of the
underpass beneath London bridge) 
Memories ...
Part of my element collection
and yes
that IS totally nerdy
... sweet memories.
Found this historic map of the London tube in the Alhambra. Happy to know they rearranged the routes meanwhile, as mainly the Northern's looks rather incomprehensibly circuitous.