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Born at the promising age of zero.
Chernobyl disaster
1983 - 1984            
I attend a special kind of kindergarten               
for linguistically retarded children,                
where i learned to articulate .. more                
or less at least .. e.g. the "r" I learned               
much later at the age of about 25, while          
singing songs of Высоцкий   
1985 - 1997
Piano lessons with
Sung-Hsiung Kuo,
the person who
teaches me through
my youth. During this
time I               give quite a number
of                                concerts. Meanwhile,
                                     my piano playing
                                     changes towards
                                   experimental jazz -
                which        is NOT ready for a
                  concert I'm afraid.
Fall of the
Berlin Wall
       1984 - 1990
      Leepünt primary school in Dällikon,
    the little village I somehow survive my childhood in.
1990 - 1997
Grammar school in
Zürich-Oerlikon. I get
to know fast friends.
What a time!
I start to paint like crazy, canvas after canvas - 350 in the next decade.

In a moderately interesting genetics class i order a cup of coffee from a beautiful stranger - five years later
i marry her. :-)
Military service -
A giant loss of time!
Joseph Beuys Exhibition
Kunsthaus Zurich
     I try to start a new life in
     Prague, my refugee of 
    choice, my second home.
Učím se česky
1997 - 2002
Studies in Biology at
Zürich Univcersity.
An overwhelming time
in every aspect.

2002 - 2004
Studies in Chemistry
ETH Zürich
Well, I did not
University of Basel
MSc and BSc in chemistry
A rather diligent period.
9/11 attacks
"Das karge Land"
my first book of
poetry. I'm bloody
Mai 2007
I have a strangely not fatal accident on the highway. My car turns around in the air twice - with me sitting inside, rather astonished. Apart from the risk to die it was a HILARIOUS experience!
Juni 2007
Irchelpark, drizzle rain,
I marry the love of my life.
Human Genome
Autumn 2007
First exhibition of
my paintings in Zürich
Witikon. More exhibitions
 2008 - 2009
 On weekdays: Masters Thesis in the Lab
 of Molecular Evolution of Marc Creus.
       On the weekends: Master of  the flies in the Mad-Max-Myc Genetics Lab of Peter Gallant.
Biggest exhibition of my paintings
so far. A huge success, so much
                      positive feedback,
                      so much good
                      chatting, so many
                      paintings sold.
The Wall
live at
2009 - 2013
PhD Thesis in the
group of Felix Zelder
at the University of
Zürich. I passionately work at the development of the first synthetic
route toward met-balamins star-
ting from Vitamin B12.
I am happy as never before. 
               2013 - 2015
            Research Associate in  
         an academic paradise called 
   Oxford working with Harry Anderson. I mean ... simply have a
         look at these in-
           credibly and
    beautiful structures!
Discovery of the Higgs-boson
and gravitational waves
       2016 - ... 
          Research and teaching position
           at Zurich University as well as at 
           the MNG Rämibühl in Zurich . . .
           and the rest is thinking, writing,
         drawing, and playing music - 
     currently that's jazz, angry punk,
and new prog rock.