Until the upcoming summer I'll temp-orarily reduce my teaching duties in order to have time to work on my second book. Apart from that I am accumulating drawings for an exhibition and writing a nice little paper.

04.12.2017   Inspiring talk for the Naturfor- 
​                       schende Gesellfschaft Zurich
Lecturer / Senior Scientist​​
University of Zurich

Chemistry Teacher 
MNG Rämibüehl / Zürich

Enthusing people of all age groups for the beauty of chemistry. Very en- gaged in the promotion of public un- derstanding of science & technology:

  -  introductory chemistry modules
  -  public talks
  -  chemistry workshops
  -  advanced teacher trainings
  -  children's university
  -  science outreach for children
     from less education-minded
29.11.2017   Lead yet another successful
                     Kinder- Universität Zürich
12.11.2017   Finished the 50 scribbels I plan
                       to exhibit soon
06.06.2017   The new ChemComm Paper is
                       online here
18.01.2017    Starting to teach chemistry
                        at the MNG Rämibühl - an
                        outstanding mathematical /
                        scientific high school in Zurich.

31.10.2016    Giving my first lecture - in the
                        very same hall I attended my
                        very first lecture in 19 yrs ago.
Sept. 2016    Leading the "Green Chemistry"
                       course at the Science Xplore
                       ART LAB  in Viseu, Portugal.

27.04.2016    Starting to work on my new
                        book Stimmen von hinter der
check out some of my
01.03.2016    Start teaching position at the
                        Science Lab UZH
15.01.2016    Good bye Oxford, so long UK!  
                        Halihalo Züri, hoi Schwiiz!